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East West Players - Hannah and the Dread Gazebo (Jully Lee & Monica Hong)

Steven Leigh Morris on the implosion of LA Stage Alliance

"Why does this matter? Tribalism threatens to undo theater communities in every city. Tribalism threatens to undo the ability of our nation to work for any kind of shared benefit. It always has. It always will. The threat is now existential."

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Bryan Doerries - Theater of War

An ancient catharsis through a modern medium: Theatre of War

"'Remember,' Bryan Doerries likes to say in both physical and virtual gatherings, “you are not alone in this room — and you are not alone across time.” With his public health project, Theater of War, he is activating an old alchemy for our young century."

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Secrets of the Whales | National Geographic
Federal Theatre Project
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Secrets of the Whales | National Geographic
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