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Hey producers,

We're hosting a workshop next month with producer Alyssa Jeong Perry and editor Leah Donnella from NPR's Code Switch.

Code Switch is known for reporting on race and ethnicity in a way that feels authentic and relatable. They tackle sensitive topics with ease. During our workshop, Alyssa will walk us through her pitching and reporting process and Leah will join us for the Q&A to talk about how she shapes stories as an editor. 

Join us 10 a.m. PT Saturday, March 6.


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Feast Your Heart Out
    • KCRW is hiring a production engineer. You'll work on live-to-air and pre-recorded material for broadcast and podcasts. 
    • Spotify Studios is looking for a creative producer to oversee its kids content. 
    • Rebecca Seidel is hosting Pro Tools workshops March 11 and March 18. Classes are $75; scholarships are also available.
    • Fox Sports is hiring a radio producer to oversee the production process for both live and recorded radio programs.
    • NPR is hiring a producer for its podcast Throughline. 
Feast Your Heart Out
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